Accountability Coaching

with Candace Dudley

Accountability Coaching for High Achievers

A Safe Space to Turn Your Intentions into Action that won’t end in Burnout

As a certified life & mindfulness coach, I’m here to help you bring the big dreams in your head to action steps you take each day.

With me as your guide, you’ll be able to set clear goals, plan your actions, and experience the power of accountability.

You’ll learn how to be consistent even in small amounts of time which will lead to progress without burnout!

If you’re looking to take action on goals around business, wellness, burnout recovery, dream project — you’re in exactly the right place because those are my specialties!

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I am here to help support + keep you accountable.

You already have the tools inside of you. I will pull them out! I’ll be here to help you organize your thoughts, plan and get moving!

Hey there!

I’m Candace.

I’m a wife, mom of 3, owner of Willow & Wren, accountability coach, podcaster, landlord, and former elementary teacher. While I wear many hats, they all sort of blend together in harmony. I love to support other women, especially moms, in their dream chasing. My favorite things to do are to snuggle with my kids and goldendoodle, go on walks, bike rides, hikes and play anything that involves a little competition.

My mission in life is to lead by example for my kids and to keep stepping out of my comfort zone so others know what is possible.

I’d love nothing more than for you to stick around and browse through this site. Take what feels good to you and leave the rest.

It’s time you take action on the ideas in your head + on your heart!

Remember, it is placed on your heart for a reason. It wouldn’t be there if you didn’t have the ability to make it happen.

By pairing the desires already within you with accountability, you’ll be taking immediate action! But don’t worry, you don’t need to know what those actions are yet. We will pull them out!

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Downloadable resources to get you started

> Burnout Guide: spot, prevent + recover from burnout

> Productivity Guide: start out on your dreams with a plan!

> Burnout Recovery: 21 days of meditations + journal starters

> How to Setup your Podcast

> The Year of You Journal: 120 journal staters, how to’s, + more

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Listen to the Better Brave Podcast

Welcome to my podcast where I cover all the things on living each day better and braver. My goal is to encourage you to be a little better than you were yesterday while living bravely outside of your comfort zone.

It is my hope that my fellow moms can come to my podcast, feel like they are not alone and feel inspired to keep on going!

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Client Testimonials

Kelsey L.

“Working with Candace brought me and my business to the next level. She has helped me feel more confident in the work I am doing.

She checked in with me every day and made sure I had a plan for the day. If I was unable to come up with something on my own she would help me work through what I needed to be doing.

Since working with Candace I have expanded my business into 5 more stores (in just one month) and I’m not stopping there! I would highly recommend working with her to get your fire lit and help along the way!”

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Emmee L.

“I had a big fuzzy cloud of ideas and Candace helped me clear out my brain and put everything together. She was a great listening ear and soundboard. She was clear and consistent with her responses. I would highly encourage anyone who may be feeling “stuck” to take advantage of her services. I was able to put my dreams/ideas to action and make lots of progress in just one short week!”

Anna P.

“I have had dreams brewing in my heart and mind for years. I have had only a week with Candace and I cannot even begin to explain the fire that has been lit. She has not only given me professional guidance, but has encouraged my self confidence and boosted my self esteem to turn my dreams into the direction of reality! A true blessing.”

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“I loved having someone to celebrate my wins with, to help remind me to stay on course, and best of all to have accountability so I didn’t feel like I was on my own!

I found our sessions supremely helpful!“

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Allison T.

“I enjoyed our weekly time where I got to talk through things in a way that helped me think through them differently (in regards to launching a brand new business)… My biggest success was prioritizing + sticking to my most important tasks which we decided on during our time.

I would absolutely recommend Candace as your accountability coach!“

Maria V.R.

“Working with Candace is like a breath of fresh air, she is great at listening, writing down and organizing all of your goals, and helping you create a solid plan. She is so upbeat, positive & encouraging. I have made more progress in my small business while working with her these last few months than I have in a long time. I love working with her and plan on continuing to work with her for many months to come.”