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Done-With-You Work

Is your lack of systems making the business you were once excited about feel like a drag?

Ever wish you could talk through all of your business systems with someone?

Book your systems audit for your business!

Done-For-You Work

Need an efficient way for your potential clients to purchase your service or digital product from you?

-Automate delivery + Invoicing

-Set up next steps with your clients automatically

-A place for potential clients to learn about your offer

Hire me to build your sales page!

It’s time to take action on the ideas in your head + on your heart!

Remember, it is placed on your heart for a reason. It wouldn’t be there if you didn’t have the ability to make it happen.

By pairing the desires already within you with accountability, you’ll be taking immediate action! But don’t worry, you don’t need to know what those actions are yet. I will pull them out of you!

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Resources to get you started

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Sales Page Planner

Plan your next sales page with my free template!


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Flodesk Sales Page Build

Need an efficient way for your potential clients to purchase your service or digital product from you? Schedule me to build your sales page!


Everything you need to get your podcast up and running is in this guide. Skip Googleland and save yourself oodles of time with this downloadable.


Do you have a journal, planner, or tracker idea? Then you need this training! Go from idea to published in an hour.


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Systems Audit Call

Are you a solo-preneur trying to do all the things yourself? Is your lack of systems making the business you were once excited about feel like a drag? Book a call with me!


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The Year of You Journal


  • 120 journal starters categorized:
    • self reflection, grounding, goal setting, dream casting, chasing joy, wellness, boundaries, monthly reflections, limiting beliefs, blocks, and relationship + social
  • 130+ pages of journaling on college ruled lines
  • 80+ quotes and reminders for you to live your best life
  • Bonus page to walk you through my 3 steps to making real progress

The Better Brave Podcast

This podcast is for the solopreneur who's wearing all the hats. But, now you're ready to delegate and start living that time free life which is why you started your business in the first place!

Hey, it's Candace, your host! 👋🏼I am obsessed with systems that help us entrepreneurs get our time back and make our businesses run efficiently. I've been a solo-entrepreneur since 2018 and there's no gatekeeping of information on this show! I am a certified life + mindfulness coach, mom of 3, wife, podcaster and owner/creator of Willow & Wren.

Stick around to hear from me and my guests as we talk shop and all things entrepreneurship. Cheers to small businesses!

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Meet Candace

Candace is a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom ​and entrepreneur. She’s a woman of many hats owning ​businesses in online business management, crystal ​wholesaling, and podcasting. Candace is excited about ​empowering you to pursue your dreams without burnout, ​and she has tons of knowledge and experience in ​pushing through barriers!

Candace loves teaching behind-the-scenes work like…

  • Setting up, editing, and managing podcasts.
  • Automating your business with systems that work for you, not against you.
  • Publishing your journal, planner, or tracker idea with Amazon Kindle Direct ​Publishing (KDP).
  • Sells physical products wholesale in 10+ retail stores and has helped others ​do the same.
  • Creating and setting up automated digital products.

Client Testimonials

Hollis E.

Candace is such a delight to work with! She is so efficient and effective at all of the backend work that felt so heavy for me on my own. She swooped in to the rescue with her knowledge and welcoming energy and helped me accomplish my goals in significantly less time! So grateful for her skill sets and ideas!

Kelsey L.

Working with Candace brought me and my business to the next level. She has helped me feel more confident in the work I am doing.

She checked in with me every day and made sure I had a plan for the day. If I was unable to come up with something on my own she would help me work through what I needed to be doing.

Since working with Candace I have expanded my business into 5 more stores (in just one month) and I’m not stopping there! I would highly recommend working with her to get your fire lit and help along the way!

Kayla A.

Candace has had a huge impact on propelling my business to new heights. Through her guidance and support, I was able to take an idea and put it into creation.

One of the most significant contributions Candace made was her knowledge with systems and processes. Her communication style made it easy to develop trust and report to complete the project. With the help of Candace I was able to have my idea put into projection in less than 8 weeks. This is something that could have taken me months.

Candace is an invaluable partner in the journey towards success. Her expertise, dedication, and strategic guidance have been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Candace to anyone seeking help in their business.

Anna P.

I have had dreams brewing in my heart and mind for years. I have had only a week with Candace and I cannot even begin to explain the fire that has been lit. She has not only given me professional guidance, but has encouraged my self confidence and boosted my self esteem to turn my dreams into the direction of reality! A true blessing.

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